Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mother bird...

(Note from mom: No pictures this week) 
WEEEEEELL here's the shcoop.
So this last week was pretty different haha.
So, Elder Lemmon and I live with 2 other Elders from another district, and they are on bikes, we are in a car. (miraculously for some kinda somehow, I haven't gained a pound) but because they are on bikes, we take a bit of compassion on them and give them a lift once in a while to where they need to go, and one of the other 2 Elder's is this really funny greenie from Utah. We were goin along, and he just outta the blue gave us the code name mother bird cuz we were in the car. so that's been the new joke is that we are mother bird, and they are alpha team.
anyways we got a call from the other two one night asking to come pick them up because the greenie, kinda crashed into a pole. haha so our night got rather interesting, because we went to pick them up and we brought them home. and it started raining. then we get a worried call from our sisters in our district, and they were alittle worried cuz they were at the chapel teaching a lesson, and apparently these drunk kids wandered in and started acting dumb. fortunately their member was able to get the kids to leave, but that left them alone with their investigator, and he couldn't leave after they finished because of the rain, and they couldn't leave because he couldn't leave and they were there alone with him, without a brother from the ward, because he left to chase the drunkards away, and so they called us and we hurried on over there. and we get there after driving through noahs flood, (visibility was almost at 0 because of the rain) and we finally get there, all is well, he manages to leave because the rain lets up right as we get there, we double checked the chapel to make sure everything is ok, and then we make it home. just to be informed that we had to go back out! haha to go email some photos of the greenies face, and pick up a couple things for him. all in all it was an adventuresome night!
Something that smacked me in the face this last week was an interesting though about change.
we aren't accustomed to changing things, because we live in a world of personalization. tailor the suit, organize the phone the way you want it, customization etc. for that reason, it's completely understandable how so many times we meet people who carry this same thing over to religion. "Eh we just didn't like this church, because of this and that" or " I really like this church, because it agrees with what I think"  however that loses sight of a key factor, God is perfect, and doesn't make mistakes. We can't tailor HIS church to fit us. He has given us HIS church to help us change, and be the best we can bit to fit it. in doing so we truly will become better people. That's his promise.
well I love yall! gotta run.
Elder Wardell

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