Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Zone Conference and saying Goodbye...

Longtime mission friend, Sister Ferrari

Got to say goodbye to Elder Cobabe (my second companion) 

Weeell here's the scoop. We had a zone conference this last week, it was cool, I got to see a ton of people. we talked about a lot of cool stuff! Elder Cobabe, who was my second companion, gave his departing testimony, because he's going home in about a week and a half, as well as another sister who I was in the MTC with. Which means, that as of last Thursday, ole Elder Wardell is just that. OLD jaja. In less than six months now there won't be anymore scoop. Crazy how fast the time flies!!!!!
Well there's a super cool thought I want to share.
So there are times on the mission where you work super duper whooper hard, and not a lot happens (or so it seems) (hint hint) that might or might not be going on now. however, as a super wise missionary companion taught me, success isn't determined by the numbers, nor by the amount of people we baptize. President Joseph Fielding Smith served a full mission in England. And didn't baptize a single person. (mind you this was right around the time of his call as an apostle) if success were determined by how many baptisms we had, then i'm pretty sure one of the prophets of the church, would have been able to baptize thousands.
so yes. Success in the mission, is based on the commitment to serve, and be obedient. in life, success is determined by obedience to the gospel, and how much we serve our father in heaven.
Well, I love yall! take care.
Elder Wardell

got to say hi to this goofball, love Elder Bedke

Got to say hi to Papa Navieras

cool adverstisement...yes the sign moves

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