Tuesday, January 19, 2016


 Pday activity--made shirts , this is my favorite cuban saying...

 mission life...


Found a lizard skeleton under the couch...shoe goo made him a keepsake....


weeeeeell here's da shcoop
so this last week we had a really zone activity we spray painted our own custom t-shirts, and it was super cool. then we played a ton of smash face!
so this past week we were working really hard to find people, we've been going through a bit of a dry spell, but these things happen. the important thing is to just keep on truckin and remember that the gospel is true no matter what and that we never know what goes on on the other side of a door, or the phone, and that most importantly, the lord has so many more people out there that are prepared. How many billions of people are there in the world? how many people's situations are changing every minute? haha I don't think we could put a number on it. that's why it's important to always remember faith and patience and to never give up. another person to introduce the gospel to could be right around the corner and if we give up, we wouldn't find them. and they would have to wait for who knows how much longer to receive the gospel. And many of times that wait isn't just a week or a month. I heard a story from another missionary of this old guy in their stake that got up one sunday to bear his testimony, to a group of young people. the man was baptiezed about 5 years prior to when he spoke, and he said to the group, that he wanted to share with them a line from his patriarchal blessing. in it he said "you would have joined the church many years ago, but the missionary that would've taught you, didn't go on a mission".
The missed opportunites that we have might not come back around for a LONG time That is why things like exact obedience and always working hard must always be practiced.
Well, I love you guys! can't wait to talk to you all next week.
Elder Wardell
05custom shirt (complete with my favorite Cuban saying)
07not washable so now it's a nice decoration
08 Missionary life collection
11 so we moved a couch. found a lizard skeleton. I had some shoe goo, so we  made a keepsake :) hahaha

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