Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Opening a Zoo

Cute little friend we found

He's friendly....

Reading the bible....

We can't keep him sooooo..

(Mom says, let's hope they didn't eat him...)

So this past week, we've decided we are going to open a zoo. we caught a crab, and a big lizard! 
the lizard we let go. haha it was super funny.
Well, this past week, there was a new stake created! :) that's always amazing because it means the church is growing. We lost our only investigator though. It's ok though. Missionary work is a team effort. It's not about how many people we bring to the gospel, or bring brack. it's about how hard we work in this work. and it's a team effort. so we are super happy about that. Currently in the branch we are working hard on reactivating people in the branch. which means that we are going to be making alot of friends, and showing alot of love. (use the two keys of reactivation, and you can open the door to it.) and this past week, we were able to talk to this one guy in the branch who's going through a super hard time right now, and struggling to make his way back, and something marvelous that were blessed to teach him, was about hope.  I personally learned a ton in that lesson.

We many of times feel alone. Especially if we are trying to come back to the god. (even if we are already "in the church") But the beautiful thing, is that We aren't alone. That is who jesus christ is. literally because he is the light and the life of the world, he is there for each and everyone of us no matter what, or who we are. There was such a wonderful comparison i've heard, of What jesus christ has done for us. The comparison, is of a kid learning piano. 

So, your mom wants you to learn piano right? (course she does, piano music is the greatest)
so your mom, pays the piano player. a price is paid. fully, completely. done. 
your mom has just paid a price for you. and she asks you to do what? practice. practice practice practice. do you mess up? yeah. alot. many times. sometimes the same mistakes. but thats ok, the price is paid, and your mother will just tell you what? try again. don't quit, keep going, because with enough practice, and with enough time and true EFFORT, what happens, youre mozart. 

Christ's atonement, literally covers ALL of our mistakes. even repeats. This is why we can have hope in Christ. He's not mad nor does he not like us when we mess up, he says, it's ok, try again. keep going don't quit. As we make that effort, we become better. And he's there the entire way even if we don't see him. I know that this is true. 
Btw the word "sin" , i found out, comes from some latin word which means "to miss the mark". (that means we get another shot. and luckily with an "infinite atonement" we get infinite shots.

Well, i love you all.
Gotta Run. 
Elder Wardell

For those that know me...the mission changes you...

ALOT!!  (Elder Wardell didn't eat salad ever!) 

Funny truck we saw....

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