Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Survived the Hurricane

The sky was covered...this was at noon 

Some days you wake up and your hair has gone back to the 80's....

well here's the scoop.
What a week to talk about!
well after six weeks in doral, I'M GETTING TRANSFERRED :( super sad I really like this area but I said, "i'll go where you want me to go"
well this last week saw a really neat miracle. so I was on exchange into another area, with the DL, and we were in a lesson with Maria their investigator. She is hands down, probably the sweetest person I've ever met in my life, right behind gram. She's been super sad about her daughter who passed away from an overdose at a new years party about a year and a half ago. She's absolutely loved the missionaries, and has been just loving the lessons with them. we were in a lesson with her, and she said, I'm just not sure, about all of these things. and my daughter, with everything that she had done, will she be ok? it was at just about that moment, when she said that, that a thought came to my mind which wasn't my own, and then I told her: ya know, in the bible we read about Christ going to preach to those that were dead, who did a lot of bad stuff. Because I know you, I know that your daughter has been taught the same things that we are teaching you now, and that she has accepted them. and because I know that us missionaries are guided by the spirit. I have no doubt that because of your daughter, the missionaries have been sent to you, so that you can be taught the same things that she was taught. as I was saying that the spirit filled the room, probably the strongest that I've ever felt on my mission. Maria started crying, and she said, I know this is where god needs me to be. I know it. i'll be at church on sunday and i'm getting baptized. I haven't any doubt that that was the spirit talking to maria. mostly because there was so much silence, yet, so much learning going on. I could just see the change coming over her as we were sitting there waiting. it was amazing!!!
As well, we survived a hurricane!!!!
at least, If you can count a hurricane going of course and missing you as surviving it :) haha
No? oh darn ok.
yeah, this past week, we got a text from the mission president telling the whole mission to make sure that we had all of our storm prep stuff up to date. and then he told us a bit later that there was an expected hurricane on I think sunday, and then we got the report that it went completely off course, and we didn't get anything but a bit of rain and lightning. Sweet miracle and blessing.
Well, I love you guys! talk to you later.
Elder Wardell

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